Oui, Love is Complicated!

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

Anna is going to be a senior in high school… In Paris. Her cheesy romance-writing novelist father is sending her away from Atlanta, Georgia on an adventure to sweet Paree - mostly likely to make himself look good. Anna is forced to leave behind her job at the movie theater and a potential new relationship with her dream guy. Talk about bad timing. She doesn’t speak a lick of French and as she arrives in Paris, she is afraid the Parisians will hate her and she’ll be all alone. Luckily, she makes friends with a girl in her dorm and is swept up into a new city, new group of friends, and a new life in Paris. Part of this new life is the charming and charismatic St. Clair - he’s funny, talented, gorgeous and of course, taken. Can Anna be friends with this boy, and if so, how will she manage her feelings and desires for him when he is off limits.
Anna and the French Kiss is a hilarious and whimsical adventure in Paris that makes you feel like you are one of Anna’s friends. It is well-written end and paced, and Perkins does a great job keeping the reader entertained and in love throughout. Everyone will be dying get to go to Paris after reading this book! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, romance and laugh-out-loud banter. 5 stars!